Case study

How FleetWave supports Falck’s emergency services fleet

By Ellen Sowerby
27 October 2023

We interviewed Dorota Onisk, Global Applications Manager, Falck Global about her experience using FleetWave to manage over 4,000 emergency services vehicles.

Falck has four business areas: healthcare, assistance, safety services and emergency services. All of Falck’s activities are directed at preventing accidents and disease, at providing assistance in situations of emergency, accidents or need, and at helping people move on with their lives after illnesses or accidents.

They have been using FleetWave since 2012 to manage their fleet which supports over 8 million emergency response and healthcare services that are delivered each year.



Could you explain a bit about what your company does?

“We are doing the emergency, and we also do the patient transport. But it’s not the only thing that we are doing at Falck. The Falck history is back to the fire services, that’s how it all started over 100 years ago. So we also have the fire business is mostly industrial fire, and we also do roadside assistance.”


What is your fleet size?

“In FleetWave we have around 4,000 vehicles, but it’s mostly ambulance.”


How does your fleet of vehicles enable your success?

“I guess being able to track maintenance, to make sure we do all the services on time. Before we implemented FleetWave it was really difficult to keep all this data in one place, and all the countries were doing things in Excel. So having everything in one system really helps a lot.”


What are some of the specific challenges of running a fleet in your industry?

“To have the correct mileage, to make sure that we have data on a the daily or at least regular basis in the system, so we can keep track of necessary repairs and services.”


How has FleetWave helped overcome the challenges you were experiencing?

“That was a great improvement, we used to do the paper based daily checks, we used to do paper accident reporting, and now we do have the Driver Advanced App set up for daily process for both PTS (Patient Transport Services) drivers, for ambulance drivers where they can report the daily checks, that’s the first part of the day and then they can also report all the defects during the day. And if there is an accident, we have the form to actually fill in all the details about the accident that can go directly to the claims team where it is handled accordingly.”


What features do you use most in FleetWave?

“I think that would be the work orders. That’s the huge part of the daily work of our fleet managers across the globe, but also the daily checks.”


What is the primary benefit that you have received from FleetWave?

“Defect reporting, I would say that’s the improvement, because we used to have different systems where the crews were able to report incidents and now, you know, we have it all in FleetWave. We don’t do double work, for example, from the quality management system to FleetWave or from any other source.”


Why would you recommend Chevin?

“I think the customer support is the part that I like the most. Any time ever anything goes wrong I can reach directly to the support team, and also having the experts available, we can ask the questions, we can ask how we can improve the operational work, that’s super important. Also to have the insights how other customers are dealing with the same issues, it adds great value for us.”

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