Our FleetWave software is powering Connecticut's public fleet efficiency

By Ellen Sowerby
01 December 2021

To keep a fleet of 3,600 light-duty public vehicles ready for action and less of a burden on the state budget, the State of Connecticut Department of Administrative Services blends experienced employees and digital tools.

Streamlining service operations is important for achieving maximum uptime, Guelfi noted. The DAS fleet maintenance operation also relies on our FleetWave software to accomplish that objective, he added. The solution has been in place at the department since 2017.

“FleetWave is a shop floor system for technicians and service writers and a management tool rolled into one,” Guelfi said. “We use it to build KPIs that we can see on a dashboard to track repair orders and service progress and address any bottlenecks that prevent us from completing the number of PMs we need to schedule weekly.”

FleetWave is also proving its value at the DAS fleet operation for tracking odometer readings and an average of 30,000 fuel transactions per month. In the near future, the software will be enabled to communicate with the Geotab GO9 telematics devices being fitted on the entire fleet.

“Manual daily odometer readings were often inaccurate so we’re working with Geotab and Chevin to develop an API,” Guelfi explained. “The connected solutions will create a very robust program for determining replacement plans.”

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