FleetWave Lite software launched to manage compliance headaches

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By Will Wycks
08 February 2022

Chevin Fleet Solutions has today launched FleetWave Lite, a new edition in its award-winning fleet management software that manages over a million fleet vehicles and assets across 180 different countries.

Specifically designed to simplify the fundamentals of fleet management, FleetWave Lite helps organisations move away from spreadsheets by consolidating key fleet data in one place. As a result, FleetWave Lite gives more control over compliance for vehicles and drivers, and more visibility into a fleet’s running costs.


A compliance game-changer

Operating a fleet without dedicated software can be a tricky task. Keeping track of essential details like vehicle information, maintenance schedules and driver’s licences requires multiple spreadsheets and physical filing systems.

This lack of organisation means that important deadlines can get missed, harming a company’s ability to stay compliant and leaving them at risk of legal action and reputational damage.

It also means that the day-to-day business of running a fleet simply takes longer than it should, costing the organisation time and money.

Despite this, switching to a dedicated fleet management software can also seem like a daunting, time-consuming task.

These issues inspired the creation of FleetWave Lite as a cost-effective way to keep fleets compliant without lengthy set-up or training processes.



FleetWave Lite

“Fleet managers love our FleetWave software,” says Chevin Fleet Solutions’ CEO and Founder Ashley Sowerby. “Feedback we received indicated there was a gap in the market for an entry-level solution that lets simpler fleets, who currently run their operations on spreadsheets, manage their organisation in a more robust, reliable and comprehensive way – without a significant outlay.

Additionally, we found less-complex fleets that run contracted suppliers or leased vehicles are also often overlooked, so we’ve designed FleetWave Lite with them in mind, too. It lets organisations track many of the most important aspects of managing a fleet, from vehicles to maintenance records and service events, to incident tracking and driver checks. They can also keep on top of fuel usage and payments, and see all of their fleet’s costings in a single, easy-to-understand report.

FleetWave Lite uses the same easy-to-use interface our FleetWave software has become known for, and can be implemented in a matter of days – with no set-up costs. By its nature, the software will simplify the complications employees can experience dealing with so much fleet data on a daily basis. And because it’s so simple to use, getting started is easy – so it won’t be long before everyone feels the benefits.

Better still, FleetWave Lite offers full flexibility to transition up to our other FleetWave products, Core and Advanced, meaning the software can grow around a fleet’s needs as the organisation expands.

If you run a less complex fleet operation, FleetWave Lite is perfect for where you are now, and where you aspire to be in the future. So get rid of the spreadsheet and move to a system that can help you stay compliant, improve your productivity and grow your fleet organisation like never before.”


To read more about FleetWave Lite click here.

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