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Drive your workforce forwards with FleetWave’s workshop management software

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Make your workshop efficient

Managing your workshop should be effortless.

Create shifts, raise job cards, and assign service and repair tasks to your technicians with ease through using FleetWave.

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Accelerate productivity

Enhance visibility of your maintenance schedule and technician availability to efficiently manage your workshop and keep things running smoothly.

Easily schedule activity

Organise workshop loading days weeks in advance with visibility over available hours versus work booked.

Overlapping schedules are one of the main causes of delay in fleet vehicle repair and maintenance. It could also cause an imbalance of workload if there isn’t proper visibility of available hours and manpower. You can avoid this by investing in automotive workshop management software.

Choose a system that gives you full visibility of your team’s availability, and the ability to assign and shift jobs accordingly. This type of workshop management software lets you schedule tasks days or weeks in advance without the risk of over-assignments and under-assignments.

Build rosters

Monitor shift patterns and make technician availability visible.

Track timesheets

Monitor the activity and productivity of your technicians.

Schedule work

Organise your team’s workload by scheduling job cards in a calendar.

Manage technicians

Easily assign job cards to specific technicians using bespoke permissions.

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Track workshop productivity with KPIs

Technician hours versus booked

Active vs inactive technicians

Completed, unallocated and awaiting jobs

Improve technician management

Organise workshop loading days weeks in advance with visibility over available hours versus work booked.

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