Many fleet operations especially delivery and service vans and lorries, are major targets for parking tickets, commonly referred to as penalty charge notices (PCNs).

Frequently these vehicles are simply delivering goods or providing services at the time of receiving a PCN, but it is increasingly difficult for the services to be provided, especially in major cities, without drivers being at risk of getting a ticket or fine.

To help fleets achieve best practice for dealing with this increasing number of driver penalties, and to reduce PCN-related expenditure, leading software provider Chevin Fleet Solutions can now offer a complete parking ticket management solution PCNPAL.

Chevin has recently developed PCNPAL to help transport managers deal with the rising levels of administration from the increased number of PCNs being issued, and this parking fine management tool will assist in the monitoring, challenging and overturning of PCNs.

PCNPAL will enable fleets to:

  • Reduce escalation charges
  • Streamline processes and reduce administration
  • Improve visibility of the PCN process
  • Maintain accurate PCN codes and challenge validation criteria
  • Easily attach photographs to support each claim
  • Centrally hold and maintain issuing authority details
  • Manage the PCN Timeline; for example, appeal process tracking, case numbers, hearing dates and appeal results
  • Maintain driver payments, date received / value paid details
  • Measure full PCN cost and savings accountability
  • Access easy to read reporting; daily, weekly and accrual reports are all available as standard functions