FleetWave users ranked in NAFA’s 100 Best Fleets in the Americas!

By Ellen Sowerby
24 August 2022

The NAFA Fleet Management Association’s ‘100 Best Fleets in the Americas’ program recognizes peak-performing fleet operations. This program identifies and encourages the ever-increasing levels of performance improvement and innovation within the public fleet industry and this year two of our FleetWave users have ranked in the top 60!

The purpose of this program is to help:

  • foster pride in the industry.
  • build recognition within the national fleet community.
  • increase levels of productivity and operational effectiveness.
  • encourage more individuals to consider fleet operations as a career choice.

Criteria for Excellence

The 100 Best Fleets competition is judged based on 12 Criteria for Excellence, all of which encompass the qualities of a high-performing fleet:

  • Accountability
  • Use of Technology and Information
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Celebration
  • Evidence of a High Trust Culture
  • Performance Recognition
  • Doing It Right the First Time
  • Quick Efficient Turnaround
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Staff Development
  • Resources Stewardship


City of Knoxville

Our FleetWave customer, the City of Knoxville ranked as number 51 in the program, and have been using our fleet software since 2006. The Fleet Services Department maintains the city’s fleet of more than 1,400 vehicles and equipment from squad cars to fire trucks and snow ploughs which city employees use to deliver many essential public services.


DC Water

DC Water is a water and sewer utility company serving the residents of Washington DC and surrounding jurisdictions such as Maryland and Virginia. It has the largest waste water processing plant in the world and operates a rolling fleet of around 635 vehicles, with an additional 1,300 pieces of general assets.    

DC Water was ranked as number 59 in NAFA’s ‘100 Best Fleets’ program, and they have been a FleetWave user for over a decade now after implementing our software back in 2011. Using FleetWave DC Water has improved the standard of employees’ driving, made numerous efficiencies to its fleet and enhanced many processes for looking after assets, right down to the security of laptops and keys.

The system has enabled us to create a way of not only analyzing and controlling all of our business performance but provides us with an environment where employees can be cultivated to understand processes and their value to the authority. Our team now champions improvements through use of the system and we are always discussing new ideas. This unique capability and the overall reach of the software across our organization is why internally we now call the system simply ‘Wave’. I tell my people that if the data isn’t in the system then the job hasn’t been completed.

Timothy Fitzgerald
Fleet Director

Learn more about NAFA’s 100 Best Fleets Program and get in touch with us today to see how we can help you save time, save money and stay compliant with a smart fleet management system.

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