Chevin named Beacon Mobility’s ‘Vendor of the Year’ 2023

By Ellen Sowerby
18 September 2023

We are thrilled to share that we have been awarded Beacon Mobility’s ‘Vendor Partner Award’ at their Leadership Summit 2023!

Beacon Mobility are valued clients, and have been using FleetWave since 2022. Beacon Mobility is a growing family of companies, who operate 20 brands in 23 states. Backed by nearly 70 years of experience, Beacon Mobility provide safe, reliable, and cost-effective mobility solutions to communities, school districts, special education programs, and regional transit authorities who count on their companies to get people where they need to go safely and on time.

They are currently in the process of implementing the system at all of their brands across the US. They are also utilizing our FleetWave Technician app, which allows technicians to quickly and easily manage maintenance tasks including workload, activity, stock management, compliance and more. It has already been rolled out across 70+ garages to over 400 technicians, fleet team members and various operations partners.

We interviewed Steve Rindshoj, FMIS Trainer, Beacon Mobility:

“The primary benefit that I would see from FleetWave is having one source of truth. So we have one FleetWave that is our source of truth, everything feeds into it and everything feeds out of it. We are using the FleetWave Technician App for over 300 technicians at the moment, and we’re about to expand it to double that size. It’s increased our efficiency in the shop, from paperwork orders to whiteboards on the wall, to using Technician in a tablet and keeping our technicians at the vehicle rather than running all over the shop and filling out a paper check sheet on a clipboard. So it’s increased their efficiency 10 to 20% at least.”

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