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Save time and money with enhanced asset visibility.

Streamline operations and maximise profit

We understand that efficiency is high on your list of priorities.

You need clear and comprehensive processes in place to help manage time, money, and assets.

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FleetWave’s software provides you with all the commercial fleet and asset management tools you need to streamline your business operation. Our secure system delivers real-time visibility of all your data anywhere in the world, to help you identify opportunities to save time and money.

Reduce operating costs

Gain essential insight into the ownership and operating costs of your fleet with FleetWave’s reporting capabilities. Our software helps you to reduce cost in a number of business-critical areas, including:

Fuel: understand your fuel expenses and consumption in your preferred unit of measurement

Maintenance: stay on top of important maintenance tasks and prevent downtime with traffic light alerts and automated reminders

Fines: understand costs, causes, and identify outstanding tasks by tracking your penalties and fines

Improve Productivity

Easily track activity and efficiency using timesheets and KPIs. Your workforce can securely access assigned job cards and record their progress both in the office and out in the field.

Automate Data Sharing

Streamline processes by integrating with third-party data providers, applications, web services, tracking software and internal systems.

Analyse Operational Performance

Reach peak performance with easy-to-use dashboards that can be personalised to match your business targets and KPIs.

Optimise your asset utilisation

Minimise inefficiencies and unnecessary spending with FleetWave.

Our software gives you complete visibility over the cost and performance of your vehicles and equipment, so you can easily monitor how they’re being used.

Create reports and KPIs to improve asset utilisation and increase their lifespan to get the most out of your operation.

Who uses our software?

Many of the world’s largest private and commercial enterprises trust our solutions to help them manage their growing fleet operation. Here’s a small selection of our clients:

Ready to improve your fleet management?

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