Case study

How Hitachi Construction Improved its Fleet Operation

Our technology is helping the machinery provider make its fleet more efficient.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA) wanted to implement a more modern, technology-based solution to help them improve their data management. The company saw the benefit in using a bespoke system to control their unique fleet-related operations too.

One of the key outcomes they aimed for was improved operational efficiency – HCA had been using spreadsheets to manage its fleet-related operations providing machinery and after-sales support solutions to a range of customers – including those in the construction, quarry, forestry and mining industries.

The company owns 25 facilities, through which they supply a range of products, parts and services. They also offer in-house finance options through Marubeni Equipment Finance.


Integration with existing business systems

We recognised that HCA’s unique business requirements needed a bespoke solution, so we implemented FleetWave, our web-based fleet management system.

We knew that FleetWave’s flexibility and the ability to make it user-defined would work well for them: our software enables companies to add their own custom fields, text, calculations, corporate branding and more, and HCA could easily customise the system to suit their highly individual needs.

Importantly, we provided HCA with a new way to source and track quotes and invoices. Staff were able to use FleetWave to email quotation requests to a number of selected suppliers, import the successful quote data into the system and promote a successful quote request via an electronic approval process.

Users could also add order confirmation and delivery details to the purchase order and could even email delivery notifications to the request originator via the system. All of these features led to reductions in the time and labour spent on critical administration tasks.


A comprehensive fleet overview

FleetWave helped HCA’s management team keep a closer eye on all aspects of the construction company’s fleet – from details of vehicles’ fuel usage all the way through to the action taken at the end of a lease period.

The team could use FleetWave to review the status of vehicle requests at any time, and selected personnel could analyse vehicles’ owning and operating costs in detail.

As a result, we greatly helped to automate processes throughout the business – even down to sending email notifications to drivers. Streamlining business processes in this manner meant that HCA was able to drastically reduce the amount of time spent by personnel on administration tasks.


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