We're Attending the Electric Fleet Utility Managers Conference!

By Ellen Sowerby
06 April 2022

The Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference is an educational conference attended by representatives of fleets from across the U.S. and Canada that operate, manage and maintain utility equipment. This year’s conference is being held from the June 5th through to June 8th at the Williamsburg Lodge and Conference Center in Williamsburg, Virginia.



The objective of the EUFMC is to provide educational and technical information pertaining to the design, procurement, application, operation, management and maintenance of utility equipment used by fleets. The conference provides a forum where fleet professionals can exchange information and discuss mutual challenges, find solutions and develop best practices through close cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers of vehicles, equipment, products and services for utility fleet operations.

The educational program at EUFMC 2022 focuses on ‘Driving Safety, Sustainability and Technical Expertise’ and will feature presentations by industry experts on:

  • Driving Safety Culture
  • Electrification Planning and Fleet Charging Infrastructure
  • Sustainability Pressures and Fleet Sustainability Reporting
  • Fleet Regulatory Updates
  • What Fleet Managers Need To Know About ANSI Updates
  • Legal Updates – Impacts of ‘Nuclear Court Verdicts’ On Fleets
  • Useful Fleet and Maintenance Metrics
  • Telematics Case Studies
  • Work Truck Specifications and Replacement Planning
  • Maintenance Best Practice Sharing

The event includes a drive-through utility equipment demonstration and an equipment show with more than 60 displays.

Check out the full conference schedule and contact [email protected] to schedule a FREE demo during the event, we hope to see you there!



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