David reaches blood donation milestone with 150 donations!

By Ellen Sowerby
19 September 2022

Our Practice Lead, David, has reached the 150 donations milestone, and is a passionate advocate for blood donations.

Here is David at his most recent donation at Leicester Blood Centre.  He is donating platelets on the apheresis machine which is programmed to collect the desired blood component – either red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, or plasma.

I have been donating for nearly 20 years and have recently reached a milestone – 300 donation points. Points are awarded per donation type, 2 points for platelets so equivalent of 150 actual donations. I’m proud to be a donor!

David Pimperton
Practice Lead

Most platelet donations are given to patients who are unable to make enough platelets in their bone marrow. For example, patients with leukemia or other cancers may have too few platelets as the result of their disease or treatment. Also, after major surgery or extensive injury, patients may need platelet transfusions to replace those lost through bleeding.

I don’t need an excuse to advocate blood donation like this milestone, but it is free, painless and above all saves lives – please sign up if you can!

David Pimperton

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