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Leasing Associates - Customer Conference 2022

By Ellen Sowerby
09 March 2023

We spoke to Mary Saunders, Fleet Operations Manager at Leasing Associates about her experience at the Chevin Customer Conference 2022 and using FleetWave to manage a fleet of over 10,000 vehicles and assets!



Leasing Associates is a full-service leasing and fleet management company. Leasing Associates services include fleet financing, acquisition, vehicle upfitting, branding, licensing, maintenance management, GPS tracking, and fuel management. Leasing Associates is headquartered in Houston, Texas with offices in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Florida, Illinois, Oregon, California, and South Carolina.


How do you use FleetWave in your organisation?

FleetWave is our maintenance management tool and we manage all of our customers vehicles through FleetWave whether its through the maintenance management, Geotab and WEX, they’re all our partners and we bring in their data into FleetWave. 

I’m able to pull all kinds of data and reports for our customers so they they can make good business decisions. So all the maintenance records are right there, we have it all set up for alerts to make sure our customers are maintaining their vehicles in the proper schedule. We get a lot of good feedback from the tool itself, they find the tool very user friendly. I’m a little computer savvy so I think its pretty simple, but for our customers who aren’t they still find it very easy to use and very informative, they really do like it. 


What do you like most about FleetWave?

I would recommend it, it is a good tool. I like the analytic part behind it, the engine that drives it. I’ve heard of people trying to do fleet management through an accounting software and it doesn’t have the right logic behind it, it’s not going to give you the data that a fleet manager and a company are actually going to want and need to make good business decisions outside of dollars, cause that’s all that finance people know. It provides such good information for people to make good business decisions, it’s a great tool. 


How have you found working with the Chevin team?

Everybody has been awesome. We’ve been around for a little bit, we’ve met several people throughout the year, different project managers and everyone has really been great to work with, really friendly. When we have an issue that we can’t figure out they find an answer for us, they don’t ever just leave us hanging and that’s the best thing, to know that I’m not going to be left alone, I’ve got help and everybody’s been great to work with. 


What did you enjoy most about the User Conference?

The education has been great, I like the product roadmap that you’re on. I think you’re on track. The event itself, the meetings have been very interactive, which I like. I’m not just sitting there taking notes and not given the opportunity to ask questions or be silly in my case. I love the interaction that we’ve had this time, I really enjoyed it a lot. 

The people are just amazing and the information that you learn from people that are like me, that are here for the same purpose, you learn that they’re struggling with the same thing that you are, or you’ve already struggled with that and you can help them with that and share what you did or they can offer you help on what you’re struggling with. So it’s be very very good, very educational. 

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