New apps launched for fleet technicians and drivers

By Ellen Sowerby
10 October 2022

This week we are launching both ‘ FleetWave Technician’ and ‘FleetWave Driver’, the latest additions to our line of award-winning fleet management software products, used to manage over a million fleet vehicles and assets globally.

Allowing staff to add crucial information directly into FleetWave from anywhere, these new FleetWave companion apps help to optimise your fleet processes, saving you time, money and keeping your fleet compliant.

We are delighted to launch the FleetWave Driver and FleetWave Technician app, allowing our customers to connect drivers, technicians and the overall operation seamlessly, taking the ease and management of cost and compliance to the next level

Will Wycks
VP Product & Marketing

FleetWave Driver

FleetWave Driver is a mobile app designed with fleet drivers in mind. The intuitive interface helps to speed up and regulate your driver admin from anywhere, meaning you can bridge the gap between drivers and the office, ensure compliance and reduce costs.

The key benefits of FleetWave Driver include:

  • Real time data capture
  • Instant accident and fuel reporting
  • Barcode, photo and signature capture
  • Daily walkaround vehicle checks
  • Auditable driver and fleet compliance
  • Eliminates need for paper forms

FleetWave Technician

FleetWave Technician is a mobile app designed with technicians and workshops in mind. The intuitive interface helps to speed up and regulate your technician admin from anywhere, the key benefits include:

  • GPS – The mobile app uses the device GPS to record location. This gives the workshop supervisor visibility of local and mobile technicians.
  • Stock – Seamless integration with FleetWave stock functions, including service kits, and barcode scanning functionality
  • Time & Attendance – Full timesheet analysis, from start to end of shift, including breaks and additional duties
  • Push Notifications – Push notifications are configurable in the tool. Notify technicians of their next task and have them alerted in their ‘notification centre’ and in app.
  • Instant Data – The API updates FleetWave in real time so you have instant visibility of all transactional data, including technician activity and job progress.
  • Electronic Check sheets – Remove unnecessary paperwork while still maintaining regulatory compliance

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you save time, save money and stay compliant with a smart fleet management system.

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