We understand Emergency Service Providers

There are few situations in which ‘blue light’ organisations can afford to be disorganised. Their role in safeguarding the public calls for meticulous efficiency. An easy-to-use, fast and responsive system for managing the fleet and its associated equipment is absolutely crucial.

With Chevin’s fleet management system, emergency services can keep all their data and functionality in a single, user-friendly location. Eliminating the need to search different systems for information, can help you save critical time and administration costs.

Whether it’s for an ambulance service, police authority or fire and rescue, our emergency services software supports your cars, vans, ambulances, speciality vehicles and equipment, fast response vehicles and associated assets.

See Our Case Study on how our fleet & asset management software was used to help emergency services provider, Bolton Clarke (formerly the Royal District Nursing Service)  manage its data about drivers and fleet vehicles more efficiently.

Emergency Service providers use our software to: