Not-for-profit organisation Life Without Barriers (LWB) is using a new fleet management system to help manage its data more efficiently – and ultimately enhance service delivery.

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Life Without Barriers has expanded nationally over more than 21 years, building relationships and providing programs to support people with disabilities, children and young people in out of home care, older people, those with mental health issues, the homeless and new migrants including refugees and asylum seekers.

As part of a move to improve control over all aspects of its fleet, LWB decided to bring previously outsourced elements of its fleet in-house. As part of this initiative, the not for profit organisation’s Fleet Management Department would act, among many roles, as an internal fleet leasing agent – meaning they would manage the procurement process from end to end.

LWB recognised the need for a powerful fleet management system to support this development. It signed up with fleet management services & software provider Chevin Fleet Solutions for a tailored system designed to improve control over all aspects of its fleet.

Chevin’s enterprise level fleet management system, FleetWave, would support LWB by aggregating data from a wealth of sources such as accident information, insurance, fuel, HR data, suppliers, vehicle manufacturers, repairers and GPS providers. LWB would use the single system to achieve complete visibility over its fleet of more than 1,130 vehicles, helping it manage associated business workflows and data more efficiently.

“Achieving optimum efficiency over the fleet is an important way for LWB to reduce non-essential costs throughout its business,”

explained Nathan Reynolds, Corporate Services Manager.

“Using FleetWave, we are enhancing our ability to understand and manage complex data associated with key fleet business management activities – from procurements to disposal, vehicle accidents and damage, contracts, cost centres, environmental performance and much more.

“By managing the fleet process from end to end, LWB gains complete control over all costs with a complete suite of reports and customisation available which is fantastic for improving our efficiencies and allowing us to understand our business in more detail.”

Jackie Kirk, Regional Sales Lead, Chevin Fleet Solutions, said:

“FleetWave’s uniquely configurable architecture will support LWB in seamlessly bringing its fleet management operations in-house. Using the software, the fleet management team will be able to improve preventive maintenance and compliance oversight, and achieve complete visibility and control over all elements of this large and diverse fleet.

“We’re delighted to be able to help LWB with their asset management needs and look forward to working with them to deliver great results.”