Automated Fuel Management System

Reduce Fuel Costs and
your Environmental Impact

Improve Visibility of Fuel Transactions and Reduce Costs

Our fleet fuel management system allows you to gain detailed visibility of your accumulated fuel costs and individual transactions. Easily input fuel transactions or use automated integration with any commercial fuel card or electronic fuel management system. You can gain real-time insight into operating efficiencies such as fuel economy performance (MPG, L/100KM), CO2 emissions, and even compare real world emissions versus the manufacturer’s figures. FleetWave’s comprehensive reports help you cut fuel costs and improve your vehicle and driver performance.

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What You Get from our Automated Fuel Management Systems

Cut fuel costs

Understand your expenses and measure performance to cut costs

Prevent fuel fraud

Verify drivers and vehicles at fuel pumps to ensure correct fueling type and volume

Integrate with Fuel Cards

Integrate fuel cards and fueling systems to import transaction data automatically

Reduce your carbon footprint

Calculate real-world CO2 emissions and fuel economy to help meet green fleet initiatives

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How Automated Fuel Management Systems Improve Operations

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Easily Track Fuel Transactions

Drivers can easily log each fuel purchase and upload transactions directly into the fleet fuel management system or through our Mobile Forms App to save time and reduce the hassle of paper receipts. You can also import fuel usage and entries from spreadsheets or integrate directly with any commercial fuel card, GPS tracking software and fueling systems.

Input : Directly through the system or using FleetWave Forms
Upload: Manually import fuel data from spreadsheet files on the fly
Integrate : Automatically integrate data from fuel card and fuelling system

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Measure Fuel Economy & Reduce Fraud

Use transactions data to measure the fuel economy of your whole fleet, cost centre or individual vehicle by your preferred metric (Gallon, litre, Miles or KM). Set fuel consumption targets and track them against the actual vehicle performance. Meanwhile spot potential fuel fraud such as off hours purchases, quantities above tank capacity and more.

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Truly understand your Fuel Costs

FleetWave’s comprehensive reporting suite helps you truly understand your fuel expenses and consumption, all in your preferred unit of measurement.

 Report on fuel transactions by fuel type, distance covered, amount and cost
Highlight exceptions (wrong fuel type, over-tank capacity, bad fuel economy)
View actionable trends
Calculate the environmental impact including real-world CO2 emissions
Choose from a range of pre-built fuel reports or quickly build your own

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Essential Things to Know about fuel management

Achieve big savings by reducing your fleet's fuel consumption

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