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Automations: how to save your fleet significant time and money

By Ellen Sowerby
02 August 2021

With software becoming more and more intelligent, there’s never been a better time to consider automating your fleet management with software. But how can automations save you time and money? We look at the benefits below.


fleet automation


Save Time

You will very quickly notice that your admin time drastically reduces. Once your fleet automations are set up, the hard work is being done for you!

Important communications such as maintenance updates and licence expiration reminders are sent out to staff automatically at your chosen frequency – meaning no more time spent picking out the relevant staff emails from long lists.

Reports can be sent straight to your inbox, compiled automatically from different data sources. This saves you the laborious task of delving through data and interpreting it manually.


Save Money

Smart software offers a great return on investment when you consider the time your team usually spend on admin tasks and paperwork. Automating processes and digitising data will help to reduce mistakes, speed up processes and allow you to manage both your team and your fleet more efficiently.

Automatically generated reports will help you to easily make accurate data-driven decisions for your fleet, allowing you to spot areas where money could be saved.

Integrations can also be a great money-saving tool. Telematics can be used to track team members whose driving behaviour is costing you more in fuel or maintenance.


Stay Compliant

Compliance is critical when it comes to your fleet. Using fleet management software can help you to stay on top of compliance, from vehicle maintenance to driver licence checks.

Automated reminders can be used to alert you to any expiring warranties and scheduled vehicle maintenance events, ensuring you keep all your vehicles compliant.

And don’t forget about your drivers – improperly licensed drivers could land your business with a fine, or even worse, a prosecution. Using innovative software can help you to stay on top of all licence and permit checks with automated alerts for upcoming expiration dates.


Stay Safe

With automations, you never need to worry about forgetting an important vehicle maintenance event again!

Keep your vehicles in top condition all the time by scheduling reminders. From vehicle checks to maintenance events and parts inventory, you can stay on top of everything asset-related to keep your vehicles safely on the road.

You can utilise integrations such as telematics to automatically flag drivers with poor driving habits. This allows you to ensure they’re receiving the correct training to improve their driving and gives you full visibility over vehicles that might require more maintenance.

Find out more about how software automations can make your business more efficient.


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