Fleet Accident Management Software

Increase Safety &
Reduce Accident Risk

Use Online Vehicle Maintenance Software to Keep Vehicles Roadworthy & Reduce Downtime

Our online vehicle maintenance software allows you to plan and track the servicing and repairs of your vehicles, assets and equipment to give you actionable information to increase efficiency within your maintenance program.

Create purchase orders for parts and vendors, and create and send invoices to your customers to recharge for work performed.

Keep track of warranties for parts and vehicles for use against potential claims, helping to reduce maintenance costs.

Manage work with your suppliers to include external maintenance providers, tire, and body shops with direct interfaces to update maintenance history records with repair details.

What You Get from Fleet Accident Management Software


Report accidents through our mobile forms app or directly through the system and attach details, geolocation and photos


Create and manage road risk policy to ensure clear driver procedures are in-place.


Record and track the current status from an accident being raised, through to insurance claims, repairs and resolution.

Keep Auditable Trail

Keep a detailed history of all accidents and their associated vehicles and drivers.

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How a Vehicle Fleet Management System Helps You

fleet accident report module on fleetwave forms

Quickly Report Accidents from the Field

Report accidents as they happen via any mobile device by using our mobile forms app. Collect detailed information of an accident live from the field to support claims, repairs and risk management. Capture and send information such as:

 Third party details
Photo’s and details of any damages
Time of the accident
Any reasons that may have caused the accident

…And more.

Track the Status of Accidents

With vehicle accident management software, you can easily monitor and review the status of all road accidents within your organisation. You can also automate notifications on the progression of each incident, from the initial report and claims to cost posting and finally repairs and completion.

Also, easy access to the status report allows you to address each case appropriately.

fleet accident status report

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Report on Accidents & Identify Risk

Our fleet accident management software makes it easier for you to generate accident reports. It provides all the information you need to identify potential risks. It enables you to pinpoint how you can improve your current driver training requirements. It also improves visibility on repairs and downtime.

By properly identifying risks and requirements, you improve the safety of your team in the long run.

fleet accident report in a pie chart and table

How Fleet Accident Management Systems Address Your Concerns

Defect Management Software

Reduce unscheduled downtime by automatically generating defects from field-based inspections.

Fine Management Software

Manage appeals, avoid escalation charges & identify fine hotspots.

Fleet Driver Management Software

Keep driver records organised, view information on fuel cards, repairs, accidents & vehicle usage expenses.

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