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Three industry trends you should be planning for right now

Industry roadmaps went out the window in 2020, as we faced some pretty unexpected twists and turns.

Now, with the dust slowly starting to settle, it’s time to get back on track and navigate your way through 2021 with smarter fleet management.

And these are the top three trends you should be following:


1. Make a path for a sustainable future   

With the stay-at-home instruction forcing many businesses to adopt remote working, CO2 emissions have dropped significantly over the last year. And with Australia aiming to be a net zero society by 2050, sustainability is a hot topic right now. And for us, it’s a must. Businesses of all sizes should be looking to go green in any way they can this year.   




Embracing an alternatively fuelled line-up with a range of hybrid and electric vehicles is the biggest way you can cut your fuel emissions and run a more efficient fleet. But going electric isn’t viable for everyone. Given the size and complexity of some fleets, product availability and budget can get in the way. But there are still many smaller steps you can take to get started on your journey to a more sustainable and efficient future. 

We’re embracing a sustainable future with greener vehicles, fuel-efficient operations and cloud software. You can find our fuel-saving tips here. 


2. Keep your eyes on the road  

Hybrid working is here to stay. And the benefits are clear. From increasing productivity to improving employee wellbeing. You may think hybrid working will slow down your fleet, but it’ll actually help you move up a gear. Enabling your fleet to work and collaborate more effectively.

Fleet management software like FleetWave, will mobilise your team, putting the information they need easily in reach. You can also handle your fleet more efficiently with centralised management, giving you greater visibility and control. Plus, with real-time insights you can make informed decisions and act fast, to drive business forward. So if you haven’t embraced the new way of working, now’s the time to do it. 


3. Make smart decisions based on real-time information 

5G is transforming the way we work. It’s powering-up productivity, while reducing latency – keeping you and your fleet connected at all times. 



It won’t be long before all mobile devices and vehicles are 5G enabled, providing more live intelligence to manage a safer fleet more efficiently. It’s no surprise that one of the biggest 2021 fleet industry trends is the arrival of 5G fleet management 


What can we do for you?  

We’re committed to helping businesses get back on track after what’s been a turbulent year. And our global reach and expert knowledge combined with our scalable, award-winning solutions, can help you do just that. 

Talk to us about how we’re making our fleet greener with our range of hybrid and electric vehicles. And how FleetWave can transform your fleet management. Helping you become a more agile business, ready for change. 

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