Transit Team Goes Live!

By Ellen Sowerby
19 October 2022

Last week Transit Team, a Paratransit provider in the State of Minnesota went live with FleetWave!

Transit Team have been a paratransit provider in the state of Minnesota for more than 65 years! They have led the region in providing safe, reliable and exceptional service to the elderly and people with disabilities all across the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

They have experienced tremendous growth since 2018, adding hundreds of vehicles and countless new employees, but despite this rapid growth they are still equally committed to maintaining their high-level of customer service and safety.

Transit Team have now officially gone live with Fleetwave, including the modules vehicles, stock, and work orders to manage their 500+ assets. They are also using FleetWave Technician to regulate technician admin and FleetWave Driver to speed up and regulate driver admin, both of which will help to ensure compliance and reduce costs.

This marks the 4th go live success for our range of Beacon Mobility companies, with plans to go live at two more sites in the coming weeks!

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