Emmanuel Muller – Volunteering in Liège

By Ellen Sowerby
09 December 2021

Our Project Manager, Emmanuel Muller has been volunteering in Belgium over the last 6 months supporting those who were affected by the flooding in Liège, and we couldn’t be prouder to have him as a part of our Chevin Family!



July 2021

The catastrophic flooding began in Belgium after torrential rain struck on 14 July 2021. The Meuse river in the city of Liege jumped from 1.2 metres on the 14th of July to 4.1 metres by the 15th of July and reached highs of 5.4 metres in some areas, prompting the evacuation of residents living close to the river.



Emmanuel shared on social media: ‘I’ve just started a third car ride for rescuing Pepinster and Province of Liège with bunch of food, humanity, humility and empathy… and do not forget that behind the scenes we are all human..’


August 2021

By this point Emmanuel had been responsible for coordinating the assistance and humanitarian help for 6 weeks. As well as this he frequently travelled to the Province of Liège to deliver supplies and ensure that help was available in the most difficult of situations, whilst also taking the time to listen, support and care for the victims.

He also found a logistics solution for a rescue center in Esneux Tilff, where he provided breakfast for 150 people.

‘Unfortunately it will be months before this situation is resolved, and years before the affected areas will fully recover.’ Emmanuel stated.



September 2021

Thanks to Kiwanis International, a global community of clubs, members and partners dedicated to improving the lives of children providing the logistics Emmanuel was able to deliver boxes full of brand new electrical items that had been donated by the local community to those in need. These contained:

  • Dishwashers
  • Washing Machines
  • Fridges
  • Dryers
  • Coffee Machines
  • Toasters and more!

There was also a generous Belgian manufacturer who donated over 150 new or second hand devices, which shows the power we have when we come together as one!



November 2021

Emmanuel supported a seriously damaged school in Fraipont, by providing them with brand new baking equipment including pancake makers, yogurt machines, and chocolate makers.

Emmanuel posted ‘The best gift you could ever give is a smile to all these children’.



Over the last few months local communities have come together to donate even more supplies such as toys, clothes, pet food and smart phones. Emmanuel is still supporting the cause and is taking donations from his local grocery store!

We would also like to show our appreciation to the countless others who joined Emmanuel in his efforts to help those in need, and our thoughts are with those affected.

If you would like to support those affected by the recent flooding in Belgium, you can donate here.

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