Case study

BC Hydro use FleetWave to help deliver electricity to over 5 million people

By Ellen Sowerby
18 October 2023

We interviewed Tracy Hill, Project Manager at BC Hydro about her experience using FleetWave to manage over 3,500 vehicles and assets! BC Hydro generate and deliver electricity to 95% of the population of British Colombia, Canada and serve over five million people and they have been using FleetWave to support their mission of safely providing their customers with reliable, affordable, clean electricity since 2015.



What are some of the challenges of running a fleet in your industry?

Supply chain, supply chain is huge and we are really struggling with getting parts and vehicles.’ 


How has FleetWave helped you overcome these challenges?

“I guess it helps us manage our parts more than anything, just where our levels are at and giving us an indication of when we should start ordering.” 


What is the primary benefit you have received using  FleetWave?

“There’s so many aspects of it that I’m not even aware of that would be beneficial, but off the top of my head the work order management is fantastic and the reporting is fantastic.”


Why would you recommend Chevin?

“They are a fantastic group of people. Great to deal with. A lot of fun and I know without a doubt I’ll be looked after.”


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