Case study

Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC)

BTC was able to drop outdated paper-based administration, which was creating a vast amount of extra work across its many islands and offices, thanks to our web-based solutions.

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) provides telecommunications solutions to more than 30 districts and out-islands throughout the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

Their suite of services – ranging from high speed internet access to telephone services – is supported by more than 700 pieces of equipment, including trucks and aerial and line equipment.

With such a large and diverse portfolio, BTC needed to know exactly what was happening at any one time, but their fleet documentation system was not performing to a high enough standard. Not only was the system costing BTC unnecessary expenditure, it was also extremely difficult to navigate.

The problem was that documentation had been saved on multiple sites, and a lot of paper-based work had also been generated. Reliance on physical documentation – rather than an enterprise-wide information management system – had led to duplication of workload in each operating location.

Nor was there any way to link fleet administration with compliance data such as maintenance, fuel, or driver details. Without a centralized repository for this business-critical information, BTC couldn’t easily determine even simple facts such as how many vehicles it owned!


Real-time facilities management

It was clear that BTC needed to save their data in a central place that could be accessed from all operating locations. This would cut out work duplication and stop the flow of time and money to unnecessary tasks.

We were brought in to create a single utility fleet management solution, tailored to BTC’s requirements. Our FleetWave web-based fleet management information system that was implemented throughout the entire commercial enterprise enabled BTC to link all of its facilities in real-time, so each of its locations could view resources centrally and reduce their on-site parts inventories.

Our software also improved visibility of assets by automatically generating emails and SMS texts regarding statutory and safety-related tasks.


A single, web-based system

Though the fleet management team was mostly located remotely, BTC’s staff were now able to access the fleet management system from anywhere, at any time. This was a massive improvement over the previous system, where asset visibility had been severely limited.

Our deployment of FleetWave over the BTC intranet meant that the team gained up-to-the minute reporting and query capabilities. BTC’s management team was now able to view accurate and timely information regarding fleet conditions, scheduled maintenance and compliance statistics.

Moreover, FleetWave was able to integrate with BTC’s enterprise financial and HR system as well as external maintenance providers, telematics and fuel management systems, which dramatically streamlined labour and paper intensive processes. The system’s user-definable capabilities met all of BTC’s specific requirements without the need for costly development and expensive programming.

Overall, there was a significant improvement in maintenance practices at BTC. Thanks to the asset management system, BTC gained a comprehensive oversight of the inspections and mandatory certifications required for its diverse fleet.


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