Electrifying our fleet

By Ellen Sowerby
18 October 2022

As an organisation we are committed to continuously reducing the impact our company has on the world around us, and we will continue to carry out initiatives that are environmentally responsible and benefit society as a whole.


Leading the way

In 2016 our Founder and Executive Chairman, Ashley Sowerby, took the plunge into EV’s when he purchased a Tesla Model S as a relatively early adopter of this new technology.

We had our first EV charger installed at our UK HQ and we joined the governments Go Ultra Low scheme, committing to ensuring that at least 5% of our fleet was electric by 2020.

After 6 months of EV ownership Ashley shared ‘I’m feeling more positive about the experience than ever. I’ve long been a supporter of low-emission technology and since driving the EV I have become resolute in my conviction that this is the motive power of the future.’ and we can confidently say that he was right in his predictions!


Going Green

The move to implement more ULEVs within the company formed part of our commitment to improving the environmental performance of our own fleet of vehicles, as well as helping promote conversation on ways to reduce fleet emissions.

In 2018 we installed two more charging points at our UK HQ, these are powered by the 80 solar panels on the roof, which generate on average 15,000 kwh per month. These were installed to provide additional capacity for on site charging as our EV fleet continued to increase in size, and to encourage an uptake of EV’s for our employees.

We also implemented a restriction on CO2 bands for our few remaining non-electric company cars. Our emissions policy requires that company cars must achieve CO2 emissions under 119g/km and have a combined fuel consumption of more than 57mpg.

By 2019 over 50% of our vehicles matched the green fleet credentials and this increased to 100% by 2020! Our current fleet of company vehicles is made up exclusively of BEV and PHEV vehicles, with over 80% of our UK fleet being BEV’s and over 50% globally.

We now have a total of 3 AC chargers and are able to provide charging facilities to visitors at our UK HQ, so we can support other businesses that have made the swap to EV’s.

Encouraging EV Adoption

We were among the earliest fleet management software providers to add environmental impact reporting tools to our products which enable generation of real-world CO2 emission reports and eco ratings.

We are gathering, everyday, real world experience of what it is like to operate EVs. These are lessons we can use to help our own fleet software customers as they also look towards adopting ULEVs.

Ashley Sowerby
Founder and Executive Chairman

FleetWave provides EV specific content such as the ability to track MPGe, charging times and battery capacities. The data provided in FleetWave gives fleet managers the information they need to make the transition, such as highlighting vehicles that are good candidates to be replaced with an EV and we are now known for our experience in helping other companies improve their environmental performance.

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