We are moving to Microsoft Azure

During  the upcoming months, we will be migrating all customer data from our current European data centre to Microsoft’s world-class Azure  data centre in Dublin, Ireland.

microsoft azure on laptop

Our Azure infrastructure will benefit from full redundancy, and should the data centre above suffer interruption, European services will failover to Rotterdam, Netherlands. 

Delivering a more robust, scalable hosting platform for the future, this significant investment will accommodate our continued growth.  


What are the benefits?

The new platform will provide more resources, redundancy, and data storage capacity.

We will also be upgrading to the latest version of SQL Server database management software, to ensure you have access to the most robust and high-performance product experience.

The Azure platform offers best in class backups, disaster recovery capabilities and a high-level of  ISO and SOC compliance.

We expect to see significant performance enhancements over time, particularly to deal with unexpected spikes in usage.


Who will be affected?

All of our hosted customers will benefit from this move. 


What is the plan?

The migration will take place in phases, and we will contact you at least two weeks before work commences to confirm your maintenance window. 

During your maintenance window, to facilitate the transfer of data between the old and new data centres, the system will be taken offline and will not be accepting logins.  

Please note that this will also impact all 3rd party system integrations in terms of sending or retrieving data. 

All API requests will be refused during migration, and a maintenance page will appear in place of the normal login page, advising users of this. 


What should I expect post-migration?

The most significant change as a result of the migration will be a new FleetWave URL, which we will confirm in a separate e-mail prior to the migration taking place. 

All users will need to update any shortcuts that they use to access FleetWave, including those saved to tablets and terminals used by your technicians if you use the Hub.

If you have an integration built directly with us, you may need to take into account the change to the FleetWave URL.  


Further information

We will be publishing further notifications and updates as we move closer to the migration date.  

You can find FAQs detailing the move here.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the migration process or wish to discuss our plans directly with a member of the team, please don’t hesitate to contact us.