Fleet Driver Management Software

Improve visibility of your driver information


Ensure Driver Policy Compliance & Analyse Risk

Our fleet driver monitoring and management software helps you to keep your driver records up-to-date, organised and easily accessible from a central location.

Keep track of assigned vehicles and equipment, their usage and related expenses. While FleetWave’s event management capabilities lets you set alerts and reminders for important pending, due or past due renewal deadlines for driver compliance.

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What You Get from our Fleet Driver Management Software

Know who's using what

Through fleet driver monitoring systems, you can keep track of which drivers are using which vehicles and other equipment, and why

Manage Fines & Tolls

Organise all parking, toll and other driver related fines for total visibility of costs

Improve Safety

Profile accidents and driving offences to analyse training requirements and reduce risk

Ensure Duty of Care

Ensure legal compliance for medical, licence renewals, insurance and more

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Why Invest in a Driver Management System

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Allocate Your Drivers Vehicles & Equipment

Store all vital driver information such as profile pictures, licence details, certificates, insurance, contact information and more for secure and paperless management of records.

Easily allocate your drivers to vehicles and equipment (such as fuel cards), tracking dates, usage and reasons for assignments, creating a detailed auditable allocation history.


Ensure Duty of Care is Met

Ensure duty of care by storing all driver licence and medical information about your fleet’s drivers and setting alerts & reminders.

  Correct Licence – Be confident that all drivers have the correct and valid licence for the vehicles and equipment that they operate
  Never Expire – Set up alerts and reminders informing you when a driver licence is approaching its expiration
  Stay Legal – Keep on top of legal compliance, such as insurance, medicals and more

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Improve Driver Performance

Store all driver training course information for each individual driver in FleetWave – track the amount of training completed to support company initiatives and improve:

  Fuel Economy
  Driver Safety
  Preventative Maintenance

driver training courses

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