How Ewals Cargo Care took control of its European fleet operations

European transport solutions provider adopts Chevin’s FleetWave platform to centralise processes and integrate data

Established more than a century ago, Ewals Cargo Care provides flexible, efficient and sustainable transport solutions across Europe. Employing an impressive 2,200 staff members in 17 different countries – including Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom – it facilitates more than 5,000 daily transports, both within Europe and further afield.

Today, the Company operates a fleet of 3,000 trailers, and 550 trucks.

Its modern Fleet Control department is made up of eight different positions including Commercial Engineer; Operational Supervisor; Financial and IT Engineer; Team Leader; Repairs Planner; Supervisor Administration; Claims Controller and Administration. The professional, dedicated workforce manages large-scale, complex fleet operations.

Despite Ewals Cargo Care’s huge operational scale, the Company is still family-owned and is now in its fourth-generation – with its headquarters in Tegelen, Netherlands.

Ewals Cargo Care’s Need for a Streamlined System

Struggling with out-of-date technology and minimal support from its former software provider, Ewals Cargo Care needed to upgrade its obsolete fleet system to optimise and streamline the processes within the fleet department, including:

Asset and contract management
 Relationship management, at all levels
 Damage registration and settlement
 Modification registration
 Repair and maintenance
 Financial administration, both incoming and outgoing invoices
 Reporting and KPI’s
 Claim settling

Previously, it was not possible to link damage reporting with service assignments, and the software did not support claims. Meanwhile, system integrations were limited.

Fleetwave’s Scalability Was the Best Fit For Ewals Cargo Care

Roger Hilberts, Business Process Engineer at Ewals Cargo Care explained that after a lengthy procurement process in 2016, they decided Chevin FleetWave best met their requirements.

“Chevin offered a highly structured, configurable system, with a range of modules that would provide in-depth oversight and specific management capabilities for the Company’s rapidly growing fleet.

“At the start of the implementation project, for example, the Company fielded 2,850 trailers – a number that has since risen by 60%, to 4,600 trailers.

“During the same period, the operational occupation within the Fleet Control department has increased by 20%.”

Ewals Cargo Care’s Fleet Control department is now using Chevin’s FleetWave for the day-to-day management of numerous functions, including:

 Customer relationships
 Supplier relationships
 Damage registration and settlement
 Modification registration and settling
 Repair and maintenance
 Financial administration
 Fines settlement
 Internal communication with planning and financial departments

Ewals Cargo Care Consolidated Its Entire Fleet Process With One Central System

Using FleetWave, Ewals Cargo Care has been able to structure processes for high-level visibility of its entire fleet operation – and is now able to customise the system’s modules to meet a range of company-specific fleet and asset management needs.

With access to the software at all of its workshops, the team can work more efficiently and has streamlined internal communication by eliminating emails and phone calls.

“The Company has also found value in FleetWave’s extensive reporting capabilities, and can now access universal data via a singular solution; a process that was particularly difficult prior to implementation” explained Hilberts.

While cost savings as result of streamlining manual and labour-intensive processes for employees are anticipated, Ewals Cargo Care has already achieved enhanced productivity within the team. Additional cost savings are expected as more modules and interfaces are added in the coming years.

Hilberts concluded that “the biggest benefit of FleetWave is that we now have an integrated system – all internal and external processes in our Fleet Control department are managed in one place.”

“Using the fully-integrated and customisable FleetWave software that meets our specific needs, we’ve eliminated disconnected systems and made it possible for all company employees of the Fleet Control department to work on the same platform.”

“FleetWave allows us to work more efficiently, and we believe that we have implemented a fleet and asset management system that perfectly meets our needs.”

Ewals Cargo Care’s Digital Future

Looking ahead, Ewals Cargo Care’s Fleet Control department is planning to use Chevin’s vast global experience to further digitalise its global work order system, which includes managing flexible service processes.

Other plans include integration with external tyre suppliers via FleetWave’s Tyres’ tool, and enabling links to the company’s digital service archives.