Food & beverage

Keep deliveries on track, your vehicles in sight, and effectively maintained

On-time deliveries, every time

In your industry, on-time deliveries and efficient management of your food and beverage fleet are essential.

Simplify your management processes, save time and reduce administration costs by storing all your data in one user-friendly location.

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Smarter fleet management

Keep your fleet moving. Provide your entire team with full visibility of all fleet-related data and insight, all in one central location.

Easy fleet maintenance

Ensure maximum uptime with FleetWave. Our innovative software allows you to effortlessly manage your fleet maintenance requirements, to make sure your vehicles and their components are regularly and thoroughly inspected.

The FleetWave system enables you to:

  • Implement more efficient maintenance programs, from routine repairs to predictive and preventative maintenance
  • Easily conduct inspections and report defects from the field via our mobile app, FleetWave Forms
  • Raise defects as job cards to automate maintenance workflows
  • Set service reminders
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Track your fleet

Keep everything running smoothly. Track your fleet with ease by seamlessly integrating with a range of GPS and telematics providers.

Manage your drivers

Easily monitor which drivers are using which assets at any time.

Handle fines and tolls

Stay on top of fines with improved visibility of all parking, toll, and other driver-related penalties.

Stay compliant

Stay on top of even the toughest regulatory vehicle and driver compliance. FleetWave can help you to:

  • Automate reminders to keep licences up to date and make sure your drivers have the correct licences for their vehicles
  • Store HR data including training information, insurance details and qualifications to keep on top of legal compliance
  • Automate alerts for key events like services, maintenance and inspections.

Who uses our software?

Some of the largest food and beverage service companies use Chevin, including:

Previously, the penalty charge notices were managed locally at depot level, but there is now a central structure in place and the process is now more manageable. Information is easily obtained and it is all stored on one centralised database.

Lynsey Roberts,

Fleet Support, BidFood


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