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4 ways to save on paper costs with mobile forms apps

By Sarah Wilkinson
26 January 2021

We are addicted to technology – from personal to professional, the world is going digital…

The impact of smartphones, the internet and high-speed networks has touched every living aspect, and there are various reasons behind this revolution…

a man using mobile forms application on a smartphone to reduce paper costs

One of the main reasons is it has made world-wide communication easier, faster and hassle-free. It is not wrong to say that the whole globe is digitally connected, and digitalization not only enables companies to save money on paper costs, but also helps them to go green and enhances user experiences.

Still, somewhere the popularity of mobile apps is slower in the commercial world. Many organizations still favor paper forms, however, if this continues it is possible that businesses will suffer decreased productivity and financial losses. For example, each year an average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper …a costly fact!

Although businesses are looking forward to a digital dawn, it can be concluded that paper consumption, on a global basis, has increased by around 50% since 1980.

With that in mind, it is high time for the business community to consider replacing paper processes with mobile form applications. In doing so, companies will not only find it easier to ‘go green’ and contribute to sustainability, but also benefit in the following ways:

Seamless Data Synchronization

Imagine the cost of wasteful hours spent on manual data entry. Besides that, field workforces that have the burden of carrying files and noting details on-the-go face terrible times when they get back to the office and every piece of information needs to be manually processed.

That’s why organizations have started to seek the help of mobile forms – and they have been able to overcome the hurdles of manual data entry and record management.

Mobile forms apps are certainly advantageous. The workforce can use this type of app to view; add; edit; update and delete the task details.  Mobile forms make it simpler and easier to fill out details while executing a task, even in separate locations. It can save hours and since the forms are digital, there is no risk of illegible handwriting and data collection errors either.

Additionally, data recorded on a mobile app can be automatically shared over the cloud, making the entire process instant and accurate.

Easy Accessibility

If you have been running a successful business for a number of years it’s likely that you have accumulated a number of paper files over time, detailing information from strategies to daily operations …and having to deal with overflowing filing cabinets can be incredibly time-consuming, not to mention costly in terms of space and resource.

Rather, it is better to capture the data on mobile forms app which will, in turn, reduce administrative burdens and money spent on paper costs in terms of carrying, managing, storing and collecting pieces of paper – printing costs can be incredibly hefty, too!

Put simply, electronic forms address the issue of accessibility. For example, capturing images; videos; signatures; barcodes and attaching multiple documents is possible with a bespoke app. Put simply, field workers can access forms on-the-go on their mobile device, helping businesses to overcome limitations and make data sharing a 24×7 affair.

large pile of paper leading to high paper costs

Increased Productivity & Revenue

The truth is, your business cannot afford unproductive technicians and fleet drivers, and a mobile forms app grant greater visibility of your staff’s work. Whilst they are in the field, it allows you to monitor – in real-time – what work is being carried out, where workers are geographically speaking and at what time jobs were started and completed.

Based on the electronic job sheet form, the ability to plan each day from start to finish fetches efficient results and allows drivers focus on their core work.

Other benefits include faster cash flow; quick processing; a more productive workforce and reduced infrastructure, carbon and of course, paper costs.

Replacing paper forms with mobile forms also means that your fleet employees will do more work in any given day. Work process will be rapid, accurate and productive, and employees can also communicate with their office counterparts and field teams using the advanced features of the mobile forms app.

Improved Security

Risks are inevitable in any business, but every organization should invest in prevention techniques. Consider the risk involved in losing important documents, or the risk involved when unauthorized people access critical or confidential information. With a mobile forms app, workers need not worry. Being stored in the cloud, information collected via the application is accessible only by the authorized users, and the chance of misplacing records is significantly diminished.

Mobile forms can be designed without any IT expertise. It offers options to choose from pre-configured templates, design custom forms and creates a reusable forms library for future use, thus reducing any form of dependency or risk.

One of the other significant benefits of a mobile forms app is its offline availability. The fleet workers can even use it when there is no network!

The shift from paper to digital is the need of the hour. In fact, it is inescapable. 45% of the total paper printed in the office goes to trash at the end of the day. This is too much when counted in terms of money, time and efforts. The mobile forms app is a game changer. It will help the business to stay ahead of the game with the power of the cloud. With the array of profits offered by the mobile forms app, it is a no-brainer for the organizations to say YES to it!

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