Manage your construction fleet, the simple way

Running your large-scale construction business and managing a fleet of expensive assets is no mean feat.

Especially when it comes to ensuring that all specialty plant, machinery and vehicle assets are in full working order.

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Keep your assets moving

FleetWave simplifies even the most complex asset management requirements, from managing your workforce and keeping your fleet compliant to assessing costs and producing reports. Store all your important fleet information in one easy-to-use, secure system. Track valuable data about assets, fuel usage, maintenance schedules, CO2 emissions, regulatory compliance and more with our innovative web-based software.

Maintain your construction assets

Ensure maximum uptime and maintain assets with ease using FleetWave. Our innovative system allows you to set up automated reminders for important diary events such as:

  • Inspections, via our mobile forms app
  • Regulatory compliance requirements
  • Preventive maintenance tasks
  • Service intervals

Integrate effortlessly

Easily integrate with third-party data providers, asset tracking software, applications, web services and internal systems.

Keep track of costs

Take control of your business costs and equipment performance. View and monitor your assets, assess and improve how they’re used, and increase the lifespan of each using pre-built or custom reports and KPIs.

Promote safety

Reduce risk and keep your construction operation and workforce safe by analyzing accident and driving data.

The FleetWave brochure

For more information and a full list of features, take a look at our brochure.

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Stay compliant

It’s important to stay on top of maintenance processes and government mandates when you’re using heavy, potentially dangerous equipment. FleetWave can help you to:

  • Make sure you have the correct documentation, and workers the correct licenses, to operate specific machinery or vehicles
  • Automate reminders for key events and commitments
  • Create KPIs on your dashboard to keep you informed
  • Record and profile accidents via FleetWave Driver
  • Store all HR data – including training, experience and professional qualifications – to identify any upskill opportunities.

Who uses our software?

Chevin is proud to work with some of the world’s largest and most influential construction businesses, including:

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