Archie - our Chief Morale Boosting Officer!

One of our most important (and fluffiest) team members, find out what Archie does at Chevin!


Chief Morale Boosting Officer 

With over 12 years of experience at Chevin, Archie leads the way when it comes to team morale. He’s responsible for keeping everyone happy, reducing stress and testing the team’s snacks to make sure they’re up to scratch! 

When he’s not at work, Archie loves barking at the beach and eating ice cream. He’s known for his charity work and recently raised £270 for Cancer Research UK by completing a 5k ‘Bark For Life’ challenge – you can donate here to support him. 

He enjoys spending time with his feline friend, Tom, when he’s at home – but he loves to travel and lived in Australia for a year. He once jumped an 8ft fence just to get out of his kennel!