Emergency services

Save critical time, easily maintain emergency response vehicles, and reduce administration costs

Ensure asset availability, always

Organisation is key when your fleet is on the go 24/7.

So an easy-to-use, responsive fleet management system is crucial, too.

Keep all your important data and functionality in one user-friendly location with FleetWave.

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Respond, fast

By eliminating the need to search multiple systems for information, you can save critical time and administration costs. So whether you’re saving lives, fighting fires or keeping the streets safe,  our smart fleet management solutions will support your specialty vehicles and associated assets.

Keep your assets at full health

Nothing is more important than optimising emergency response times, so ensuring assets are properly maintained is crucial. Our FleetWave system allows you to automate important maintenance reminders including:

  • Inspections
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Preventive maintenance tasks
  • Service intervals

This allows your fleet to respond instantly when the alarm sounds, at the same time ensuring all emergency equipment – from defibrillators and stretchers to water pumps and radio transmitters – is in good working order.

Allocation made simple

Easily match drivers to assets using assignment and usage data to create a detailed allocation history.

Integrate for data sharing

Effortlessly integrate with third-party data providers like GPS tracking software, fuel cards and internal systems.

Stay compliant

Keep on top of complex regulatory requirements with a full range of maintenance, accident, and duty of care management tools, tailored to emergency service professionals.

Streamline operations

Overrun by admin? It’s time to take back control. Reduce paper processes (and any associated costs) with FleetWave and our technician app, Workshop Hub.

The Workshop Hub gives your technicians all the tools they need to carry out workshop-related jobs without the need for paper forms. With our app, technicians can:

  • Add and request tools and parts
  • Create new job cards
  • Upload photos to job cards
  • Carry out inspections
  • Schedule activity

And much more…

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Who uses our software?

Chevin is proud to work with some of the largest UK emergency service operators, including:

FleetWave from Chevin Fleet Solutions has proven to be an excellent choice. Its flexibility allows us to work in a modern, effective and efficient manner. It allows NIAS to be consistent with other best performing ambulance services across the globe.

Michael Heasley,

Fleet Manager, Northern Ireland Ambulance Service


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