Driver management software

Keep your drivers moving with organised records and information on fuel cards, repairs and vehicle usage expenses

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Keep your drivers up to speed

We know that your drivers keep your business moving.

Using our driver management software, monitor your drivers and keep their records organised so that your fleet is always ready.

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Empower your drivers

Reduce manual admin work and fleet downtime by automating reminders for driver compliance deadlines and other important events.

Improve driver performance

Encourage your drivers to bring their A-game, every day. Using FleetWave, store all driver training information and track data to support company initiatives and improve:

  • Fuel economy
  • Driver safety
  • Productivity
  • Preventative maintenance

Stay informed

Effortlessly monitor which drivers are using which assets.

Manage fines & tolls

Keep on top of fines with improved visibility of all parking, toll and other driver-related penalties.

Promote safety

Reduce risk and keep your fleet – and drivers – safe by analysing accident and driving data.

Stay compliant

Keep your operation compliant with up to date driver records, including important medical, license and insurance information.

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Ensure duty of care is met

Be confident that drivers have the correct & valid licence

Automate reminders to keep licences in date

Ensure legal compliance by storing all driver-related documents

Allocation made simple

Store and manage vital driver information – from driver licences to insurance details and contact information – using our innovative software.

Then quickly match drivers to assets, using usage and assignment data to create a detailed allocation history.

Allocation has never been so simple!

Ensure driver policy compliance

The success of your organisation depends on how well-informed you are about day-to-day operations.

Our fleet driver monitoring and management software gives you full visibility of driver records. The system gives you access to organised, up-to-date and real-time information from a central location.

Using the driver management software, you can keep an eye on all drivers who are on the job. You can keep track of assigned vehicles and equipment, along with related expenses.

The system also lets you set automated notifications and reminders for pending and due deadlines for driver compliance.

Award winning software

Invest in a driver management system

Fleet management is arguably one of the busiest jobs. Your drivers are constantly moving in different directions so it might not be easy to keep track of their location, speed and status.

Fleet and driver management software streamlines the job for you. It reduces the paper reports and documentations and automates fuel monitoring consumption. It promotes driver accountability, too, since their progress is updated in real-time on the system.

Keep your fleet running smoothly with FleetWave’s accurate driver management software.

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