Case study

Interview with Pike Electric

By Ellen Sowerby
09 March 2023

We interviewed Richard Jackson, IT Applications Manager at Pike Electric about using FleetWave to manage over 15,000 vehicles and assets!

One of the largest providers of energy solutions in the United States, Pike Electric fields a fleet of over 10,000 pieces of equipment, operates eight shops staffed by 20 mechanics and has about 40 field based maintenance and repair technicians.

Pike Electric, based in Mount Airy, North Carolina, provides engineering, construction and maintenance for distribution and transmission power lines, substations, engineering, procurement and construction and renewable energy projects, and is a recognized leader in storm restoration. The company’s clients include investor-owned utilities, electric cooperatives and independent power providers.

In late 2014, Pike Electric replaced its existing maintenance and management software systems with FleetWave. The web-based, enterprise level fleet and asset management software now serves as the central repository of all fleet related information for the company. The software is also accessible at Pike Electric shops and is being used remotely on laptops, tablets and phones.


When did you start using FleetWave?

“We have been using FleetWave since late 2014. It’s been a great product, we especially love the ability to customize and add things as we needed, it’s been a really good experience for us.”


What do you like most about FleetWave?

“I’m going to say one big value we get is the user experience, the user being able to go to any browse screen and export the data they want to pull out. The ability to easily integrate with a lot of our different systems, we have a lot of custom integrations that we have built and a lot of integrations that Chevin have built for us. So it’s just the user experience, the ease of use we’ve found to be very beneficial and of value.”


Are you excited about the product direction and future with Chevin?

“I’m very excited, I like the way that NextGen looks. I’m excited to maybe be involved in doing some work with you. It’s a little bit scary to be honest with you, I think several customers have been nervous but I’m very excited at the same time to be this far upfront of something  that’s coming out down the road, and we as customers will have a lot of influence and say in the final product and I feel good about that.”

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