We've partnered with Lightfoot to help fleets reduce emissions

By Ellen Sowerby
23 November 2022

FleetWave users can now integrate with Lightfoot’s fleet management solutions. By combining revolutionary in-cab driver coaching technology with a driver rewards app and a full telematics suite, the Lightfoot system empowers drivers to be safer, steadier, and more sustainable whilst out on the road.

A powerful partnership for your fleet and drivers

By integrating your FleetWave platform with Lightfoot users can expect to realise improvements in all areas of fleet operations – including safety, efficiency, compliance, cost management, productivity, sustainability, maintenance, brand reputation, and more. Users can expect to achieve:

  • Up to 65% admin reduction
  • Up to 45% vehicle downtime reduction
  • Up to 40% accident reduction
  • Up to 15% MPG gain

Chevin has been delivering innovation to the fleet management industry for over 32 years and with FleetWave, our ambition is to continue driving our customers forward to a more sustainable, cost effective and compliant operation. Working with Lightfoot represents a truly powerful partnership to achieve this for the industry and helps connect the dots between the driver community and an efficient and compliant fleet operation. Connecting live driver data with vehicle maintenance trends presents key recommendations and decisions on procurement, training, fleet right-sizing, alternative fuels and much more, without the need for manual and reactive management.

Will Wycks
Chief Marketing and Product Officer

Reducing fleet emissions

Transition towards a greener fleet by changing the way your drivers behave behind the wheel. Aggressive driving habits – such as rapid acceleration, harsh braking, and travelling at excessive speeds – are replaced with smoother, more efficient driving practices, as Lightfoot’s in-cab coaching device will deliver real-time feedback that helps your drivers correct their handling in the moment and drive more economically. Fleets can also put a stop to unnecessary engine idling, with timed alerts helping to create awareness and remind drivers to switch the engine off whenever they’re able to, preventing more avoidable vehicle emissions. This reduces fuel consumption, leading to 15% fewer CO2 emissions being released.

This partnership also supports the move to EVs by delivering greater range, better charging behaviour, reduced risk of downtime and quick and easy home charge reimbursements. The result is a simple, seamless fleet management experience that lets your business lead the way in sustainable driving.

We’re exceptionally pleased to have partnered with Chevin, an organisation that shares in our commitment to help companies reduce costs, mitigate risk, cut down on carbon emissions, and improve fleet performance. When we set out to find an integration partner, we knew we wanted to work with someone with a track record for driving change in the industry and delivering an exceptional level of customer service. We’re confident we’ve found that with Chevin. Now, together, FleetWave and Lightfoot will supercharge any fleet’s operations, providing businesses with the tools they need to make safer, smarter decisions and experience results that really do make a difference, whether that be in a petrol, diesel, electric, or mixed fleet.

Paul Hollick
Managing Director, Lightfoot

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