Penalty & Fine Management Software

Manage appeals, avoid escalation
charges & identify fine hotspots

Streamline Your Penalties & Fines Management Processes

Our Fine Management Software is designed to help you to monitor, process, challenge and overturn fines and their related expenditure. FleetWave reduces the administrative burdens involved in dealing with your fleet’s parking penalties, tolls, speeding fines and other charges. Driver payments can also be recorded with date received and amount paid.

You can easily upload photographs into the system to support appeal claims, and create timelines for any appeal process tracking, including details such as case numbers, hearing dates and results.

FleetWave fleet asset management software on a smartphone, desktop monitor and tablet

Increase Response Times

Decrease the time taken to process fines and help reduce escalating charges.

Identify Fine Hotspots and Trends

Identify fine location hotspots and take action to avoid repeated mistakes and new charges by finding alternative parking locations.

Help to Appeal and Overturn Fines

Use FleetWave to centralize fine information into a single location, helping you have all the information needed to support appealing and overturning fines.

Improve Cost Visibility

Gain visibility of your fleets fines, tolls and associated expenses to support a cost reduction strategy.

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Track the Cost and Status of Fines

Track your penalties and fines through reports on the dashboard that help you understand costs, causes and outstanding tasks as well as possible cost reduction strategy.

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Reduce Speeding Fines

Record the number of speeding fines per driver as well as offence date, fine amount, the paid date and the offence description. This can help you identify any employees that aren’t driving safely so you can take the necessary precautions such as driver training or speed awareness courses.

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Reduce administration for your PCN Fines

Keep track of the status of your Parking Charge Notices using the received date and amount to ensure they are all paid on time. If necessary, you can store the appeal hearing date.

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