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How to avoid the bidding process for fleet management software

By Sarah Wilkinson
26 January 2021

Trouble-free Software Purchasing for Public Sector Fleets

The lengthy, drawn-out Request For Proposal (RFP) process is an inefficient and challenging way to do business – but there’s an easier way to acquire the software that will best serve your operation’s needs.

First things first, you’ve identified the leading fleet and asset management software that will streamline your processes and provide the visibility that will help improve efficiency and productivity and lower your costs. However, you now need to ‘go out to bid’ – despite having already hand picked a preferred vendor. Right?


Thanks to the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) – a municipal contracting agency – and its industry partners, you can now streamline the purchase and acquisition of fleet management software, such as our FleetWave product, in turn saving precious time that’s typically spent in the bidding process and avoiding potentially hefty cost repercussions.

Accessible to a number of organizations within the public sector, NJPA members can now secure their preferred solution, at a competitive price, faster than ever before.

NJPA – What is it?

The National Joint Powers Alliance® is a public agency with the authority to develop and offer cooperative procurement services to its 50,000+ members. It provides member-centered solutions that enable you to work more efficiently, facilitating a competitive bidding process on behalf of its members’ needs, mirroring their contracting processes and working with industry-leading vendors.

Eligible membership and participation includes:

  • States, cities and counties
  • Government agencies
  • Public and non-public educational agencies
  • Colleges and universities
  • Non-profit organizations

But how does it work?

NJPA completes the competitive solicitation process on your behalf and validates that products are applicable for members. The agency currently provides access to over 175 awarded vendor contracts in a wide variety of industries, including Facility & MRO, Fleet Services & Equipment, Food Service & Equipment, Healthcare & Pharmacy Solutions, Heavy & Utility Equipment, Logistic Services & Mail Equipment, Office & Classroom Solutions & Equipment, Technology & Communication Solutions, Transportation, and much more.

Each NJPA approved vendor has a landing page on NJPA’s website. Simply contact them and let them know you’re interested in using the NJPA contract and they’ll do the rest.

And the benefits…?

It’s easy, time-efficient and establishes a legally binding paper trail with the NJPA, but that’s not all. It also:

  • Eliminates the need to handle multiple bid documents or manage different contracts
  • Lowers administrative costs and can reduce the impact of staff reductions
  • Helps avoid low bid, low quality responses
  • Provides for lower volume pricing
  • Enables you to take advantage of the highest quality solutions from industry-leading vendors
  • Provides a faster return on your software investment

Sounds great – sign me up!

It’s easy to join NJPA at no-costno obligation and no liability so you can start accessing competitively awarded nationally leveraged cooperative purchasing contracts:

The NJPA Online Application – fill this out and within two business days you will receive your NJPA member ID number electronically. You will also receive an NJPA membership packet by mail within 7-10 business days.

If your agency/organization requires executed signatures, the below options are available:

Participating Member Agreement
A hard copy version of our Membership application providing authorized signatures lines for your agency and NJPA

“Joint Exercise of Powers” or “Interlocal” Agreement
A hard copy Joint Powers Agreement utilized only by government agencies when required

Associate Member Agreement
A hard copy version of our Membership application for non-profit entities that require authorized signatures

For additional information click here or call 888-894-1930, toll free.


By signing up with the NJPA, public sector organizations can secure a faster return on their software investment, without adding weeks or months to the time it will take to implement a solution and start reaping the benefits.

Thanks to national, no-bid contracts, you can benefit from a streamlined, time saving procurement process that lowers administrative costs, avoids low-bid responses and often offers lower volume pricing for the highest quality solutions from industry-leading vendors.

With shrinking budgets and rising costs, implementing proven and effective software solutions and services quickly provides for a faster return on investment.

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