NAFA Institute & Expo 2023 (US)

By Ellen Sowerby
15 November 2021

NAFA Institute & Expo 2023 (US)

17-19 April 2023

Baltimore Convention Centre, Baltimore, MD

NAFA I&E is the premier professional development and networking event of the year bringing together hundreds of fleet professionals across the industry. In an industry that is quickly evolving, it is crucial to keep ahead of emerging trends and developments that can impact your fleet’s operations. I&E delivers the solutions and connections you need to thrive in an ever changing and complex landscape.

From incredible keynote presentations that make you rethink how your organization approaches its mission to an Expo Hall with extended hours and added educational programming, I&E has something to offer everyone, from those just starting their careers to professionals who have decades of experience.

Come and visit our Chevin team to discuss your fleet management needs!

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