Fines management software

Easily manage appeals, avoid escalation charges & identify fine hotspots.

Streamline your fines management process

Don’t let penalties catch you out.

FleetWave’s fine management capabilities give you visibility over everything from speeding fines to parking penalties and toll charges.

FleetWave helps you to keep on top of all your fine data, centralising the information so that you can process and challenge fines with ease. Upload photos to support claims, monitor driver payments and create timelines for appeal process tracking.

Keep track of fines data

Use our in-depth reports dashboard to monitor outstanding tasks, track penalties and understand the costs and causes of fines.

Improve response times

Act quickly to avoid extra charges and reduce time-consuming admin by managing everything in one place.

Avoid future mistakes

Easily identify fine location hotspots and avoid old mistakes that could result in new charges.

Appeal and overturn fines

Track appeals and keep on top of detailed information such as case numbers and hearing dates to give you everything you need to appeal fines with ease.

Improve cost visibility

Stay in control of your charges and form cost reduction strategies with clear visibility over fine and penalty data.

Reduce speeding fines

Easily record all fine-related data such as offence dates and fine amounts

identify drivers that may benefit from training or speed awareness courses

Reduce administration for PCN fines

Avoid escalation costs by keeping track of Parking Charge Notices (PCN). FleetWave collates all your PCN data, so you can ensure everything is paid on time.

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