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Chevin’s Workshop Management Software allows you to easily manage your workshop job scheduling and technician management. You can create shifts for your workforce, raise work orders for defects, service and repair tasks, and assign them to your technicians. Oversee your maintenance schedule to give you visibility over the workload, technician availability and overall shop productivity, helping you to estimate and track repair times.

workshop management software on monitor and workshop hub on tablet and smartphone

Build Rosters

Create your technicians' shift patterns and gain visibility of your available hours

Track Timesheets

Track timesheets to see the activity and productivity of your technicians

Schedule Work

Schedule work orders in a calendar to help to organize the work load

Manage Technicians

Create and manage system access for your technicians and assign work orders

Learn why Central Hudson Chose FleetWave

“All of our vehicle information, driver information, accidents, shop orders – anything associated with the fleet is in this system…”

– Mike Dooley, Transportation Project Manager, Central Hudson

timesheet module in workshop hub

Improve the Management of your Technicians

Build shift patterns for your technicians and track the timesheets of their completed activity for an overview of productivity.

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Easily Schedule Activity

Improve your ability to schedule the workshop loading, days and weeks in advance with oversight of available hours versus work booked, allowing you to shift jobs accordingly.

workshop schedule module

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Track Workshop Productivity

Using standard or custom key performance indicators, you can easily track your workshop’s productivity and efficiency with reports such as:

 Workshop capacity: Technician hours versus booked
 Inactive technicians:  Showing downtime
 Currently active technicians: The current workload
 Collected jobs: Today’s completed activity
 Job management: Completed, unallocated and awaiting jobs

Explore Other Solutions

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Quickly manage assigned maintenance tasks in an easy-to-use web app both in the workshop or out in the field.

Fleet Inventory Management System

Keep stock levels in check and parts available for when they are needed.

Fleet Maintenance Software

Maintain & track vehicle health, ensure fleet vehicles are roadworthy and reduce downtime.

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