How long have you been a Chevin client?

“We have been a Chevin client since 2007, and putting all the vehicles on took a while so 2008 we where in full production with using the system.”

What does FleetWave do for your company?

“We use FleetWave for our vehicle maintenance, logging all the different repair work, and using it for our servicing schedule to ensure all vehicles are serviced at the correct time. We also log all our fuels, complaint register.”

Is FleetWave easy to use?

“FleetWave is extremely easy to use, its saves us a lot of time and money and it only takes a few minutes to show someone how to use the system. Once they get the idea of how the system works, they can often run it. It makes it a lot quicker just to search for a particular item, and not have to sort through a whole heap of paperwork. It saved us a lot of time and man-hours to do that.”

What are the Chevin team like to work with?

“It is very easy to work with the Chevin team, they’re always on the phone. When you need them to speak to them, they can give you advice straight away and they know the system so well.”

What are the main benefits of FleetWave?

“FleetWave has really helped to control our costs. We can see where our product is going, how much we have ordered, how much we have used and any loss that has occurred, and then we can develop systems that ensure that those losses don’t happen again.

The top three benefits FleetWave has provided Nowra Coaches would be:

  • ordering reports
  • vehicle maintenance and
  • it is also available on the internet at all our depo’s”

Has FleetWave helped your business?

“FleetWave has expanded with our business, and it grows as our business grows. So we had 200 vehicles not that long ago, now today it’s over 500; FleetWave has allowed us to enter those vehicles quickly. We report on those vehicles as per the state regulations through Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

We don’t experience much downtime at all using the FleetWave system, it is always there and if you ever have any issues, FleetWave are right on the phone talking to you. The unique value is the fact we can move and manipulate the program to suit ourselves.

Crewbuilder is excellent, we can go in and build a report as we need; its so simple to use, we can pick out any field in any screen and it builds a report for us.”

Would you recommend FleetWave to other businesses?

“We have saved a lot of money over the past seven years using FleetWave and has helped us keep our costs down for our customers.  I would recommend FleetWave to other companies it has been an integral part of our growing business and has helped us to expand and keep our costs down our clients.”

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