Further enhancements for FleetWave’s ‘Events Engine’

Inside Options/Utilities Module/Advanced Queries you will now have access to a brand new ‘Letter Template Help’ tool, which automatically generates SQL code – at the click of a button – to populate the required fields in any letter template.

Using FleetWave’s KPI Wizard Assistant, you can select any required value from our extensive SQL code list before copying and pasting in into your pre-designed letter template.

To run a test of this new visual editor, click Vehicles and then select ‘edit’ one of the registration numbers from your fleet.

In the list of tabs found at the top of your screen, you will see a document icon – click this to list your pre-composed message, then click the eye icon to preview the merged document.

Whether contacting internal employees or external suppliers – via e-mail or text message – this easy-to-use tool allows all employees access to this function; not just those trained in the art of SQL.

This month we have released a new training video, available via the Academy:

  • How to use ECO Labels