Our new technician app, The Workshop Hub, has been launched 

Follows successful trials of the ‘go to’ tool for technicians

workshop app, the hub on a tablet and smartphone

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new technician and workshop app, The Workshop Hub.

The Workshop Hub has been designed to support technicians, allowing them greater control and management of their work load and reducing administrative tasks. The web-based app, which is accessible on a tablet or smartphone, has been designed for complete ease of use. It allows technicians the flexibility to view and action tasks within the workshop or out in the field, which is ideal when managing breakdowns.

Other abilities of the app include:

Tracking workshop activity and productivity levels
Simplifying administrative procedures
Eliminating paper-based inspections
Creating work orders
Requesting parts
 Picking up waiting work

All activity, forms and reports are then automatically transferred into our FleetWave fleet management software. This then allows fleet managers to view productivity, create time sheets and record non-productive time such as lunch breaks and training. Such a tool can help create significant cost savings.

We are thankful for the support of some of our clients, who kindly helped us during the testing stages of the product. Such was the success of the product that they continued to use it at the end of the trial – a testament in itself!

Ashley Sowerby, Managing Director said,

“Extensive research was undertaken to help develop the Workshop Hub, working alongside our clients and own in-house industry experts. Overall, we are very pleased with both the positive feedback from the trials and the overall product.”

“We believe it to be the go-to tool for technicians, its ease of use enabling them to efficiently support, track and report on daily tasks.”

For more information about the Workshop Hub or to download the product brochure, click here