New Mexico State Police upgrade to FleetWave

The New Mexico law enforcement agency joins an increasing number of emergency service fleets using Chevin’s software.

We are pleased to announce that the New Mexico State Police is implementing our web-based, enterprise-level software into its emergency service fleet operation.

The law enforcement agency joins a steadily growing roster of emergency service providers – including the Boston Fire Department, Falck USA and San Bernadino County Sheriff’s Department – that are already relying on us for their fleet management needs, from vehicle management to fleet driver safety training; asset maintenance; parts inventory; accident management; fuel consumption and much more.

FleetWave has been adopted by the New Mexico State Police to manage a fleet of 1,400 vehicles and will replace legacy software that was in place for more than 15-years but was increasingly difficult to use, offered little flexibility and incurred high fees for new screen designs and other upgrades.

The NM State Police purchased FleetWave via a GSA Advantage! contract with Chevin, which was offered by the U.S. General Services Administration.

Gwendolyn Romero, NM Department of Public Safety, Business Operations Specialist – Fleet Operations, said:

“Using FleetWave, it’s simple to find the information you are looking for – and it’s all in one place.  It allows us to build screens that meet our individual needs which in turn makes data inputting and information searches easy. When it comes to FleetWave, the phrase ‘work smarter, not harder’ comes to mind.  

“Chevin’s software will be used across our state by the New Mexico Department of Public Safety for work orders, accident management, reporting and other needs, and we will no longer need to depend on a system administrator to allow or perform daily work tasks. Users will be able to personally access FleetWave in each district.”

Bill Griffiths, VP Global Consulting & Client Services at Chevin, said:

“The experience at the New Mexico State Police fleet operation illustrates why our software is rapidly growing in popularity among emergency services providers across North America.

“Today, they benefit from the highly effective and easy-to-use management tools offered by Chevin for lowering costs and improving productivity in vehicle, equipment and maintenance operations.”