A new clickable icon allows FleetWave users to instantly view the location of recorded data, via Google Maps.


The newest FleetWave update features ‘geolocation icons’ displayed in the browse table, on records that include longitude/latitude data.

Chevin marketing manager Brendan Adams explains:

“Where longitude and latitude data is attached to a record in FleetWave, a geolocation icon can be automatically rendered.

“When these icons are clicked on, Google Maps will instantly open to show the location at which the record data was entered.”


Such records, for example, might include data relating to remote inspection submissions, vehicle positions, and more.

This new feature provides many benefits. Notably, it allows you as a FleetWave user to quickly and easily make sense of lat/long information, and visually identify real-world positioning of data entry. It also supports record auditing.

The update, which is currently in DEV, will be instantly available to users where the latitude and longitude fields are shown as browse columns.

For more information, please contact your Chevin account manager.