New API Tool Enhances FleetWave Integration Opportunities

We have launched a brand-new API tool for FleetWave, in response to emerging technologies and user-demand.

Designed to be the central hub for all asset, fleet and driver-related information – and already configured to integrate with over 100 different third-party systems – FleetWave now features a standard API tool which grants secure, external access to specific areas of the software’s data; allowing system users to extend the software’s integration options even further.

Ron Katz, Senior Vice President for North American Sales, explained that information stored in FleetWave’s standard data tables can now be leveraged by users to build their own tools using CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) rules. Simply put, other software applications can now access or update data that is stored in FleetWave, in ‘real time’, without the hassle of bulk imports, exports or the manual keying of data.

“If you want to maximize the efficiency of your fleet and minimize its cost, then fleet cannot operate as a standalone entity. It needs to be tightly integrated into the whole corporate structure. If you can deliver high levels of integration with critical internal systems, then all kinds of new efficiencies and decision-making opportunities are created.”

Katz said that the average fleet has access to numerous external data feeds from information sources and suppliers, and automated integration provides the ability to harmonize this data into near real-time intelligence.

“FleetWave is used as the central system to manage the entire fleet, with the ability to leverage intelligence from other systems and applications – a function that we believe is key for gaining complete oversight of a fleet’s information, cost and performance. Our new API tool expands on this by allowing users with programming knowledge to build their own tools to integrate with standard FleetWave tables.

“There are obvious benefits – for example, taking data from your fuel supplier or commercial fuel card will provide you with accurate information regarding fuel use, mileage and sustainability achievement – however system integration also opens the door to all kinds of new managerial strategies.”

Katz continued to say that the integration capabilities of FleetWave have become so sophisticated the software is increasingly used as a critical operational tool, as well as a business intelligence tool – by entire organisations –  not just for managing the fleet.

“Our API framework is always expanding, and this new function is an invaluable means of sharing data, streamlining processes and eliminating administrative duties.”