New updates for FleetWave’s ‘Data Rules’

Updates to FleetWave’s data rules allows attachments to be added to automated notifications

Inside Options/Utilities Module/Settings/Data Rules you will now be able to add attachments to both notification and event alerts using our upgraded data rules tool.

In its most basic form, data rules trigger an e-mail or text alert and, thanks to our new update, dynamic content – such as images and service sheets – can now be attached.

To run a test, click ‘edit’ on one of the registration numbers from your fleet. In the list of tabs found at the top of your screen, select ‘Data Rule Attachments’.

In here, you can add an image using the ‘Upload’ button, or dynamically create an attachment using the table at the bottom of your screen. This allows you to link an image from the record the data rule relates to, or create an HTML attachment.