Yonker’s Picks FleetWave

The City of Yonkers in New York has elected to implement Chevin’s FleetWave software to help manage more than 1,000 units across the city.

city of yonkers

The City of Yonkers will use FleetWave to manage its workshops supporting comprehensive work orders, service requests and maintenance scheduling, as well as parts and fuel management for vehicles and equipment. FleetWave will be configured to support the City’s unique business needs and help with driver and accident management.

The many beneficial aspects of the system will include its ability to interface with the City’s financial and billing systems used by City of Yonkers to charge back user departments.

In fact, FleetWave will integrate with a number of third-party software applications – thereby helping the operation’s staff to significantly decrease workloads, reduce redundant data entry and improve administrative accuracy. The fleet’s five fueling sites that use the Gasboy Fuel Management System, which is powered by the Orpak Fuel System system will be seamlessly integrated with FleetWave, while Chevin will integrate its software directly with the automotive parts distributor, AutoPlus, that operates City of Yonkers’ parts room.

Ron Katz, Senior Vice President, North American Sales at Chevin explains:

“The City of Yonkers fleet department wanted to replace the inefficient system that was part of their Citywide financial software with a scalable web-based solution that could ultimately be deployed to all City departments. By tightly integrating FleetWave with their parts supplier, fuel and financial systems, the City will be able to capture more accurate repair and parts information, reduce and eliminate the need for auxiliary support services, and improve billing accuracy and timeliness.”

To support detailed operational and financial analysis of its fleet operations, the City of Yonkers will use FleetWave’s comprehensive reporting functionality – allowing users to access, sort, query and report on data maintained within the system. Using FleetWave’s adaptable homepage dashboard, the fleet and department managers will be able to access real-time KPI reports, trend charts and metrics or sort system maintained data using simple drop down boxes.

Meanwhile, FleetWave’s integrated Query Builder tool will allow system users to access complex queries, easily export them to Excel or Word files for further analysis and create FleetWave reports which can be sorted and filtered directly in a web browser based on user selected criteria.

Katz said:

“With FleetWave in place, the City of Yonkers fleet department will have extensive visibility into all of its equipment, maintenance and financial operations for total visibility over its fleet from acquisition through disposal. The asset-centric architecture of FleetWave is designed to support the complex management needs of municipal fleets such as the City of Yonkers in a single, fully integrated enterprise-wide solution. We’re excited that the Yonkers fleet department has chosen Chevin to help it deliver outstanding service in support of its community.”