Chevin’s 2018 User Group Meeting was bigger than ever, with over 70 delegates in attendance. 

Managers of almost 300,000 units attend North America User Group Meeting, hosted at Westin Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX.

With some of North America’s most well-known and largest fleets in attendance – including both new and legacy FleetWave clients – this year’s North American User Group Meeting totalled a combined vehicle and equipment portfolio of almost 300,000 units and 70 delegates.

Hosted at the Westin Riverwalk in San Antonio, the event’s agenda included presentations on new product announcements and software upgrades, to client showcases, fleet management best practises and company performance.

Designed as an exclusive product showcase, networking and training event, attendees also had opportunities to share personal insight on how they apply FleetWave to their business and, once again, were invited to provide feedback on the product to help shape future development.

The event started with a welcoming introduction from Chevin’s managing director Ashley Sowerby, who described recent strategical changes including new hires and restructuring, company growth and business roadmaps.

Sowerby then invited attendees to introduce themselves and describe how they used FleetWave and what they hoped to take away from the meeting.

This session revealed the incredible diversity of FleetWave’s scope of use. Professionals from a wide variety of industries were present from utilities, OEM, municipals and private enterprises, who described the many ways that the system helped manage an assortment of vehicles, equipment and assets.

David Gladding, Chevin’s Global Sales and Marketing Director, then took center-stage to introduce Aaron Denton who has recently been appointed as the company’s Regional Sales Lead in North America. During his presentation, Denton highlighted some significant account management improvements that would be implemented with a new dedicated team that has been brought in to improve support across the region.

Hearing how client feedback from last year’s event has influenced product upgrades, delegates watched demonstrations of a number of enhancements that have been introduced over the past 12-months – and later a roadmap of continuous improvements planned for FleetWave’s new user interface.

Tree pruning and vegetation management specialist, Asplundh then took to the stage, running a detailed presentation showcasing how they use FleetWave to manage their fleet alongside their own best practise advise and recommendations.

Product Manager, Stephen de Launay, also unveiled a brand-new product in development – the Workshop Hub – acting as an extremely user-friendly way for technicians to complete daily administration tasks including time sheets, service documents, inspection sheets and workshop audits.

Day one sessions were completed with a session from recent hire Bill Griffith, Chevin’s recently appointed VP of Global Consulting and Client Services. Using his deep and passionate knowledge of fleet management from over 25-years working in the industry, Bill presented best practise planning methods to the audience, with a focus on developing FleetWave into a strategy tool to support core business goals.

Chevin user group night out

Day 2 consisted of three hands-on training workshops that were delivered by newly promoted Regional Operations Leader John Davis, Peter Slusarz and Stephen de Launay.

Speaking on the event, Ashley Sowerby, Chevin’s Managing Director, said:

“This year’s event has not only been best attended, and we were humbled by our client’s reaction to the company’s strategic and product improvements. There’s a real sense of achievement and progress.

“Chevin takes great pride in inviting clients to share their own ideas for product enhancement, and ideas collected often enter the future product roadmaps and are always taken seriously.

“The strength of the attendees’ feedback shows that our User Group meetings have provided a very effective way to connect with FleetWave users, ensuring they are getting the most out of their software investment but also the service we provide to our clients.

“Overall, this year’s event was a powerful demonstration of how FleetWave can be used in many different ways, to help manage a truly varied assortment of vehicles, equipment and assets.”