Successful and efficient federal agency fleet management demands the capture, maintenance and analysis of mountains of data. Effective fleet oversight also requires continued scrutiny of policies and day-to-day processes in order to identify areas where expenses can be reduced and fleet utilization optimized. Yet there are many barriers to achieving these ideals when using outdated or inappropriate methods of fleet analysis – often due disjointed spread sheets and inflexible enterprise-wide software systems.

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For federal agencies, eliminating excessive fleet operating costs and continuously paying for underutilized vehicle in times of economic difficulty can result in unacceptable mission readiness, missed performance goals and even budget reductions. By using fleet management software from Chevin Fleet Solutions, federal agencies gain real time visibility over every element of their fleet operation, reducing costs through streamlining labor-intensive processes while promoting compliance through intuitive alerts, notifications and key performance indicators.

What is GSA Schedule 70 – and how does Chevin’s software work with it?

Schedule 70 is the largest, most widely used acquisition vehicle in the federal government. It provides direct access to products, services and solutions from more than 5,000 certified industry partners. Schedule 70 allows Government, municipal, transit and school bus fleets to purchase Chevin’s flexible enterprise fleet management information systems (as well as comprehensive implementation and support services) at volume discount pricing. Utilizing GSA Advantage, qualifying agencies can quickly and easily access Chevin’s industry leading offerings and rapidly realize the powerful benefits of managing their fleet through information rather than instinct.

Chevin’s fleet management software provides federal fleets with just some of these immediate benefits:

  • Consolidated visibility over agency, GSA or commercially leased vehicles
  • Support of presidential mandates for “right sizing” the fleet and optimization
  • Seamless control and visibility over fuel purchases and compliance of alternative fuel
  • Data integration with procurement cards, fuel cards, lessors and more
  • Eliminate error-prone data entry with financial, HR, fixed asset, property management
  • Motor pool and dispatch capabilities to allow agencies to share vehicle assignments
  • Electronic integration with any telematics, video and driver management tools
  • Performance reporting including: TCO, alternative emissions and fuel usage
  • Simple generation of unlimited FAST reporting details at any time